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Office Visits

If your child is a patient at any of the following offices, I can see you there to help with breastfeeding. Just call their office to make an appointment with me.


  • ABC Pediatrics

  • Alger Pediatrics

  • Cascade Pediatrics

  • Kent Pediatrics

  • Rockford Pediatrics

  • Western Michigan Pediatrics

Masterful Troubleshooting

Masterful troubleshooting to come up with a plan that works for you and baby (ie., eliminate pain, increase baby happiness, increase mama happiness—and maybe even sleep!).

Pre & Post-Weight Feedings

Pre and post-weight feedings performed to determine how much baby is taking at breast.

Having a second set of eyes (that are experienced in just this thing) can put your mind at ease and make your breastfeeding experience a satisfying one.

How Do I Know if I Even Need a Private Lactation Consultation?

  • Are you in pain?  Does baby seem uncomfortable or having trouble latching?
  • Does something just feel “off” or “not right”?
  • Is baby not gaining weight well?  Has your doctor suggested supplementing with formula?
  • Do you or your baby have a complicating medical issue?
  • A history of breast surgery or injury?
  • Do you suspect an over-supply or an under-supply?
  • Are you going back to work?
  • Are you pumping and not getting much milk and/or it is hurting?  There are many things we can do to make pumping “not suck”!  Let’s meet to come up with a plan to get that milk out as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Bring Your Partner

Partners or support persons highly encouraged to join in.