Who Ya Gonna Call (for Support)?

I’m living downtown now and have been loving all of the Movies in the Park nights. Last week they featured Ghostbusters. It was fun to see the older people sitting alongside the younger people enjoying this classic. A real sense of community—everyone enjoying a relaxing evening and a few laughs. This same satisfaction I experience when I see other nursing moms gathering together (on purpose or by random circumstance) to share their stories with each other. They share their baby’s quirks and habits, their joys and frustrations. They come up with incredibly creative solutions to share with each other—I’m always impressed and am learning new things constantly. This is how it used to be. Women gathering together. Living together in big houses. Mothering side by side. What wisdom was shared! What support was felt! The way our culture is structured now, living in individual boxes, we must make a concerted effort to grab our diaper bags/coat/purse and get out there to BE with other women. It’s not always easy to get out of our house (comb hair, pack diaper bag, put on “regular” clothes), but it is usually worth it once you’re out there. Motherhood can be isolating and sometimes a bit repetitive (boring?). But there is life out there. Don’t be alone.

Support groups? Mom & Baby Yoga? Library BabyTime? Get out there, ladies. It really does help to see how other babies act (and to see that you and baby ARE normal and it’s going to be OK).

I don’t know for sure if it’s like this in every city our size, but I’m impressed that Grand Rapids offers SO MANY options for getting breastfeeding help. I joke with moms that every day of the week (Mon-Fri) there is an ongoing support group they can attend; they could go to a new one every single day of the week (a’ la Fight Club) if they were so inclined.

Did you know that August is World Breastfeeding Month? Well, it is. So, to everyone who has breastfed, who is currently breastfeeding, or who has encouraged/supported/helped another breastfeeding mom—I say “Thank You”. It takes the entire community to change the culture back to being breastfeeding-friendly, and all acts of support are appreciated and needed! It really does make breastfeeding easier when it is accepted and supported by those around you.

So, Who Ya Gonna Call for breastfeeding support and/or companionship? Here is a helpful list: Kent County Breastfeeding Resources

And if you want to get in some yoga (and so much more F-U-N) check out Renew Mama Studio.