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Welcome to the baby beloved crew!

Are you kind of nervous about feeding your baby?  Well, guess don't have to go it alone OR rely exclusively on Google.  Whether you're breast/chestfeeding, formula feeding, exclusively pumping or doing a little of it all, we are baby feeding specialists, IBCLCs, and nurses who are ready to hold your hand and jump in alongside you.  There are SO many questions new parents have, so let's tackle them head on, shall we?

Start your journey with 4 easy steps:


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Enter your info into the form on this page to get the ball rolling and to access your company’s benefits (your name will remain anonymous to your employer).


Educate yourself:
Get 25% off our online courses

The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be when your little bundle arrives or when it’s time to return to work. Working through these courses NOW will save you headaches later. Click HERE to view the online courses.

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Grab a spot at one of our FREE group Q&A virtual sessions to get your questions answered

Save yourself the doomscrolling and come chat with us virtually. If you purchase an online course, you may attend unlimited amount of these sessions! If you do not purchase a course, please feel free to attend two sessions.


Check out our next line up of Q&A sessions HERE (scroll through the calendar to find a date that works for you!)


Book your FREE individual 15-minute chat with an infant feeding professional

If you’re not quite sure what questions you have (breast/bottle/formula/induce lactation for adoption...whatever!) come chat with us! We’d love to help you put the stepping stones together to create your optimal feeding journey. You’re eligible to receive a FREE 15-minute meeting.


Click HERE to book your free session.

***baby beloved also offers full service lactation consultations, in-person and telehealth, which may be covered by your insurance.  Click HERE to request a full consultation and check insurance***


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