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Meet our Team

At baby beloved, first and foremost, at one time or another, we were breastfeeding parents…who experienced the joy and hardship (yes, we all experienced those sore nipples too!) of our breastfeeding journeys. As a team, we are passionate about providing non-judgmental, inclusive care, and supporting families with what works for THEM. We’ve been there, and we are passionate about meeting you where you are. Our consultants are all Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) and many are also Registered Nurses working in the maternal-infant health fields.

Kelly Wysocki-Emery

Founder of baby beloved inc.


I am a nurse, IBCLC (board-certified lactation consultant), and mother to two grown children.  Since 1994, it's been my joy to work with families to resolve their feeding issues.  I take a very balanced approach to breastfeeding with the goal of helping the lactating parent find their way to an enjoyable feeding/bonding relationship with their baby.

Sarah Vandenberg


“I am a nurse, lactation consultatant, and most importantly, a mom of 3. I know personally how impactful having trusted support throughout a breastfeeding journey can be. My passion is helping families feel confident in feeding choices and foster a deep connection with their baby. I am excited for the opportunity to be part of your journey.

virtual assistant Alysse family photo

Alysse Breckenridge

Virtual Assistant (parent, MPH)

I’ll likely be the first member of the baby beloved team that you’ll chat with..We will work together to get you set up with the soonest appointment available and will walk through navigating the insurance process together. As a fellow breastfeeding parent, I know that sometimes waiting for support is SO hard, especially with a fussy kiddo and sore breasts! No worries! We got you! I will answer your email, calls, or texts within 24 hours (if not within a few hours!). I’m so grateful to walk alongside you and your family!

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