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Looking for a beautiful way to support the breastfeeding (or soon-to-be-breastfeeding) person in your life?  Check out our gift cards!

Services provided by baby beloved include telehealth, in-office, in-home or phone consultations and of course our super helpful online courses.

What if your gift recipient has insurance coverage for consultations?  No worries, she can choose to buy the online courses, keep the card for the future, re-gift this card to a friend or donate it to a mother who has no coverage for lactation support (we have a fund for that :)   It's a beautiful way to pay it forward!

eGift Card


-30" Phone Consult - $45
-Telehealth Consult- $135
-Office Consult- $189
-Two Self-Paced Online Courses - $99
-Home Visit Consult- $264

Other amount
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