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Doomscrolling may be free… but is it really worth the stress?

How to hack the “free feeding support” game…

1. Sign up for the Breast Friends Forever Club and sign up for our weekly Virtual Support Groups

2. Take advantage of your available EAP/SAP/CAP programs through your/your partner’s employer, church, or school (and sign up for your free 15 minute chat)

3. Check out our Video library

4. Add our services to your baby registry with BeHerVillage

5.Check out additional community resources

Join the Breast Friends Forever Club

Join our email list and get access to specials deals, news, and support exclusive to our subscribers. And BONUS… when you subscribe, you’ll receive a FREE Breastmilk Storage fridge magnet!

Thanks for signing up! You’ll receive an email soon with instructions on how to order your FREE magnet!

Do you have EAP, SAP, or CAP benefits available to you?

Talk to your HR representative, and check to see if your employer (or partner’s employer), your school, or your church offers a Pine Rest EAP, SAP, or CAP assistance program. baby beloved is now offering FREE services through these programs to over 600 local organizations. Here’s what’s included in these programs…

Not sure if you have these benefits? Let us check for you!
Baby Presents
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25% off all Online Courses

Whether you’re planning to breast/chestfeed, exclusively pump, use formula, or a little of it all, you’ll have easy access to info at your fingertips (for forever!) with the baby beloved courses. Courses include Breastfeeding: Getting a Strong Start and Work.Pump.Balance.

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FREE Virtual Support Groups

Let’s face it, feeding your baby can come with a lot of unknowns! Join us for weekly Support Group sessions to connect with other parents and get your questions answered.

FREE 15-minute feeding plan development

Sometimes asking questions in a group setting isn’t ideal for your specific situation… we totally get it. We’ll give you 15 minutes with an infant feeding specialist to help you develop next steps on how to achieve your feeding goals.

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To take advantage of these FREE benefits, talk with your HR representative about the availability of the Pine Rest EAP/SAP/CAP program offered through your or your partner’s employer. They will be able to give you a QR code or email address to get you started with registration.

Video Library

Just like your local library, we’ve got stacks of information and resources for you! Check out these videos on various breastfeeding and pumping topics.

More support options

If your insurance doesn’t cover our consultation fees, or if paying out of pocket isn’t an option for you, here are some resources we recommend checking out. Everyone deserves support!

Put our services on your baby registry!

BeHerVillage is a revolutionary, new type of registry that helps families get the funds they need to get the support they deserve. Services include lactation support, doula care, mental health support, pelvic floor therapy and SO MUCH MORE. Register today for baby beloved services!

Click HERE to register.

Additional community resources

Hospital-based Support Services

Many hospitals offer free support groups and in-hospital lactation support. Contact their OB department for info.


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