Worried About How Breastfeeding Will Go?

At Baby Beloved you can greatly increase your odds of reaching your breastfeeding goals. Get support from your very own, trusted lactation consultant as well as a group of your fellow nursing sisters. Stack the deck in your favor—with Baby Beloved.

Studies have shown that having timely access to a lactation consultant increases your chances of reaching your breastfeeding and/or pumping goals.


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Not your traditional hospital breastfeeding class. Cut through to info you TRULY need to get off to a great start — physically, mentally & emotionally.

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Masterful troubleshooting that works for you and baby (ie., eliminate pain, increase baby happiness, and increase mama happiness).

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Passing Along Breastfeeding Wisdom

Do you ever wonder how your great-great grandmother learned to breastfeed before there were lactation consultants, breastfeeding classes and the Internet?  I sometimes dream of a machine that would temporarily take me back to see how women birthed and breastfed (I’d be invisible, of course).  I would record everything.  I would listen closely to what all of the women in her life were saying–what advice and “words of wisdom” they were imparting on her.

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Who Ya Gonna Call (for Support)?

I’m living downtown now and have been loving all of the Movies in the Park nights. Last week they featured Ghostbusters. It was fun to see the older people sitting alongside the younger people enjoying this classic. A real sense of community—everyone enjoying a relaxing evening and a few laughs.

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A Second Chance At Breastfeeding

Moms who’ve had a bad first experience with nursing deserve a lot of credit for putting their hat into the “breastfeeding” ring again. When you’ve had a bad first experience, it can stick with you for awhile.  Like PTSD-style.

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