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Feeding your baby should leave
you both satisfied and happy.

“It seems so natural… until it’s not.”

Everyone’s heard breastfeeding horror stories – the cracked nipples, unhelpful advice, low supply, and endless tears (for mama and baby). Maybe you’ve already experienced it yourself. It can all leave you overwhelmed and anxious, scared to even try (or try again), when all you really want is to take good care of your baby!

Offering lactation support, online courses and free resources.

You have the internal wisdom you need to breastfeed your baby. Now get the support.

In-person or virtual sessions to offer solutions & stress-free support 
(accepting most insurances, covering central, SW and west Michigan.

Self-paced videos with lifetime access for instant help whenever you need it.


I’ve supported more than 25,000 women – and counting.

“Like many women, I expected breastfeeding to come naturally for my daughter and me, but it took 4 long months of struggle (and formula) before we finally got the hang of it. The heartache, anxiety, and pain I experienced showed me exactly why women give up, and inspired me to help. 

I’m Kelly Wysocki-Emery, and I know just what you’re going through. Since 1994, I have helped mothers as a doula, a certified lactation educator, registered nurse, and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Today, my practice has grown to 3 lactation consultants and loads of resources all here to help however you need, whatever your challenge, wherever you are in your breastfeeding journey. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that breastfeeding is a group sport. We need each other!”


  • Kelly Wysocki-Emery, Founder of baby beloved

mother nursing newborn

Here’s how to start your BESTfeeding journey.

1) Stop Googling and get help from a human. Whether you’re just starting or trying again, we're here to listen to your concerns, challenges, and even sobs. Let’s schedule a time to sit down together in-person or virtually, and figure out how to make your breastfeeding relationship a success.

2) Share a session virtually or in person. We’ll come alongside you and your partner to answer questions, provide techniques, encouragement, and education. Together we’ll adjust your approach to accommodate what your body and baby need.

3) Love the journey, together. You’ll experience the fullness and satisfaction of a productive, supported breastfeeding relationship with your baby and partner, where everyone plays a role, and everyone reaps the benefits. 

Let’s get that milk and oxytocin flowing!

You don’t have to give up, push through, or risk feeling like a failure. You can do this! Contact us today, and let’s make your breastfeeding journey all it can be – for you and your baby.

You deserve to feel like the wonderful mother you are, certain your baby is well-fed and satisfied. Just like the generations of women before you, your body was made to provide what your child needs, sometimes you just need a little help. 


Whether you’re pregnant for the first time, knee-deep in burp cloths, or bringing another babe into the world after a traumatic previous breastfeeding experience, you don’t have to settle for pain, struggle, frustration, or worry. We’re here for you (and we accept most insurances, too). Together we’ll help you catch your breath, then boil it all down to what matters – you, your baby, and your loving connection.


dad holding baby

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You don’t have to struggle alone.

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