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Breastfeeding a newborn can feel like the Wild West.  Every baby's body is different, there are a million holds to try, possible tongue ties and even jaundice - not to mention the trauma your body is trying to recover from. Whether you’re expecting your first baby or thinking about breastfeeding again after a bad experience with your last, Kelly will help you and your baby find a rhythm and relationship that works.


What's in the course:

  • Your anatomy - learning what's under the hood

  • A "Getting Ready" checklist - what do you REALLY need

  • Nailing the latch

  • Understanding capacity & feeding cues - how much do they need?

  • Why the fussy baby?

  • Postpartum adjustment & emotions

  • What's OK with medications, alcohol & smoking

  • Premature infants & the NICU-graduate

  • Bottles - how to integrate with breastfeeding

  • Breastshield & nipple shield sizing tips

  • Choosing a pump that's right for you

  • Troubleshooting everything: plugged ducts, mastitis, sore nipples, supply concerns, and anything that could hurt or go wrong!

Want to learn more about pumping, returning to work, bottles, etc.?  Consider adding on the Work.Pump.Balance. by clicking on the "Bundle of Joy" below to save $29.

Breastfeeding Getting a Strong Start Course
  • Breastfeeding Course

    Cost: about 10 days of formula
    • Three hours of video content & handouts
    • Forever access
  • Bundle of Joy

    Cost: About 14 days of formula
    • Breastfeeding: Getting A Strong Start AND Work.Pump.Balance.
    • Forever Access
    • Save $29 on the Bundle
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