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BF: Getting A Strong Start
online breastfeeding course

This course is an accumulation of nearly 3 decades of education and guidance I have offered women and families I've had the pleasure of working with. I keep it real, giving you not only the evidence-based suggestions, but also addressing the honest challenges some women face and the truly creative ways they have solved their issues. We'll talk about the "might help, won't hurt" options, for sure. The more stories you hear and the more you learn ahead of time the better prepared you will be once baby arrives.

We cover all the breast anatomy and physiology your middle-school health ed teacher didn't cover, all the way into the first days and weeks and months of breastfeeding (and pumping). And LOTS of great video to show you exactly what I'm talking about! PLUS, we talk specifically about every challenge you might encounter and how to work around and through them. And because you have access for 2 years, you can refer back to the videos as needed (like if six months down the road you get a plugged duct, you'll know where to go).

​And all for the cost of about 10 DAYS OF FORMULA, girl! Yes, formula is about $7.50/day (plus, all the bottle washing, ugh). If this course helps you breastfeed at least 10 days longer, you'll get your money back :) This will be the best investment you'll make!  Plus....the peace of mind knowing you've got somewhere to turn if challenges arise...which is priceless.

  • Breastfeeding Course

    Cost: about 10 days of formula
    Valid for 2 years
    • access to self-paced breastfeeding course
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