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Welcome to the baby beloved crew!

Are you nervous about feeding your baby?  Well, guess don't have to go it alone OR rely exclusively on Google.  Whether you're breast/chestfeeding, formula feeding, exclusively pumping or doing a little of it all, we are baby feeding specialists, IBCLCs, and nurses who are ready to hold your hand and jump in alongside you.  There are SO many questions new parents have, so let's tackle them head on, shall we?

Your benefits include…
Discounts on
Online Courses

Want to be in the know of all things infant feeding? Prep yourself before baby’s arrival with “Breastfeeding: Getting a Strong Start”. Here you’ll find the nitty gritty about breastfeeding, lactation, bottles, and formula.

If you’re planning to head back to work after baby, but not quite sure about the in’s and outs of pumping, be sure to check out “Work.Pump.Balance”. Want it all? Check out our Bundle of Joy package!

For 25% discount on online courses, use discount code PineRest25

Weekly Virtual
Support Groups

Each week we host virtual support groups based on certain topics. These topics rotate every 4 weeks. Groups are two hours long with one topic starting at 12noon and the other starting at 1pm. Feel free to drop in at any time and stay as long as you like!

Choose a topic to get your first Support Group scheduled:

15 minute Consultation with an IBCLC

Come chat with an IBCLC to chat about feeding goals and how to achieve them. Chats can be scheduled via Zoom or over the phone.

Looking for information about a full 60-90 minute consultation with an infant feeding specialist?

Full consultations are outside of your EAP/SAP/CAP program, but your insurance may cover them fully. Feel free to reach out and we’ll walk you through it!

Have questions? Click here for information about:

  • Insurance coverage for full consultations

  • What to expect during a consultation

  • Deciding if you need a full consultation

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