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Choosing a Nursing Bra

Back in the "day" I had a lovely boutique combined with my lactation practice and we ROCKED at fitting women for nursing bras. You can't easily buy bras on the Internet, and having a place to come try them on (and get advice about what styles and sizes to choose for your ever-changing breasts during pregnancy and lactation) was awesome to provide. These days, like the pump technology, the bra options have exploded and it's easier than ever to find a bra that fits YOUR body shape well. Here are a few of my favorites that (if I still had a store) I would carry...

baby beloved back in the day!

Nooni's has a revolutionary bra that is leak-resistant so you can wake up with dry sheets! I remember having to put a towel down on my bed in the early days so I didn't have to constantly change my sheets. Wish I had this bra when I was nursing! You will want at least two (one on the body, one in the wash) if you're a leaker. Use “PADLESS10” for 10% off + free shipping on two or more.

Noonis Nursing Sleep Bra in Black

Bravado Designs is a place to find a wide variety of options. Their Body Silk Seamless is a no-brainer for comfort, and their Dream Nursing Tank (which I think used to be called Essentials Tank) is super supportive (without having a wire) because of the ruching design in the cleavage area. I actually had my seamstress-handy daughter remove the nursing clips and I STILL wear this tank because of the ruching and how the fabric isn't too clingy.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra

Kindred Bravely is a beautiful company with comfortable options from labor through nursing. Their Sublime Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra is a great way to have your hands free when you pump (which is a MUST). Plus, it doubles as a nursing bra when you are reunited with baby, so it's a two-fer : ) Get 20% off your first Kindred Bravely purchase when you order through my link: (discount applied at checkout, some exclusions apply)!

Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Maternity and Nursing Tank

Last but not least, Cake Maternity has options galore, not only for bras but for clothing to make you feel beautiful. Their Lotus Pumping Bra does double duty as a workout bra AND a pumping bra, in a very stylish design that doesn't look like a pumping bra. You can also pull it to the side to latch on baby. They are offering 15% off storewide by using the promo code: BabyLove15 - valid from 23rd Oct - to Nov 30th, 2019. Treat yourself today--you deserve a nice bra situation!

Cake Maternity Lotus Bra with Pumping Flanges

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