What my ex-husband did right.

One thing I cannot deny my ex is the fact that he was super supportive of me breastfeeding our kids. We've been divorced since 1999, and our kids are grown (last one graduating college this weekend!), but I still appreciate how he was on board with me on this topic. If he wasn't on board….constantly questioning why I was breastfeeding, making me feel uncomfortable about nursing in public, or not sticking up for me about why I was nursing a baby over a year old….I'm not sure I would have stuck with it. Having your partner's support (both emotional and physical) is HUGE. I cared about what he thought of the whole thing, what he thought of me and my body doing this odd thing with my breasts (remember, I was only 22 with my first, so my body confidence was shaky at best). But he put me at ease, told me I was beautiful, took pride in what I was providing to our kids. He would "take" one of the nighttime feedings by letting me stay in bed, half asleep, as he got baby up, brought him to me and waited until he was latched. Then, he would take baby, burp him/change his