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Going back to work? For the cost of about 6 DAYS OF FORMULA this course will cover not only the logistics, but also on the real-life scenarios, what if's, and all of the emotional and mental nitty-gritty of having to leave your baby and pump at work.


Pumping kinda sucks, but this course will help you make friends with your pump by connecting PUMPING to your overarching VALUES AND GOALS.


When you can deeply connect your WHAT to your WHY, you're

more likely to stick with something.

Join us as we talk about how to maximize your pumping session and output PLUS how to build a stash of freezer milk while on maternity leave without throwing your body into a major over-supply OR making you miss out on precious cuddle time with baby.


This course will help you create a DO-ABLE PLAYBOOK as you head back to work as a working/pumping mama. Don't worry, you don't have to figure it all out all at once. You can return to this course for up to a year for refreshers whenever you need. Confidence guaranteed!

  • Work.Pump.Balance.

    Online Course for All Things Pumping
    Valid for one year
    • three hours of video content
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