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You’ve smelled the baby clothes, watched her cooing on your phone, and still no letdown to the pump. You’re probably wondering how you’re ever going to make it work when you’re in the middle of your 9-5, let alone keep your supply where it should be. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.


What's in the course:

  • Learn your rights & the pumping laws

  • Learn how your anatomy works

  • How to prep for work/pumping while pregnant

  • Help defining your values & self-care for the long game

  • Picking the best pump for your situation

  • Getting the right breastshield/flange fit

  • Understanding milk removal concepts to maximize output

  • Reducing bottle preference-how to bottlefeed your breastfed baby

  • Many "what if" scenarios reviewed

  • Hear from real-life pumping/working moms in various fields

Want to learn more about latching, how babies eat, and troubleshooting breast and nipple issues?  Consider adding on the Breastfeeding: Getting A Strong Start by clicking on the "Bundle of Joy" below to save $29.

  • Work.Pump.Balance.

    Cost: About 7 days of formula
    • Three hours of video content & handouts
    • Forever access
  • Bundle of Joy

    Cost: About 14 days of formula
    • Breastfeeding: Getting A Strong Start AND Work.Pump.Balance.
    • Forever Access
    • Save $29 on the Bundle
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