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"You're 9 weeks old, it's time to get your sh*t together".

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

I've been laughing all week about this line a mother dropped on her baby who is still having breastfeeding issues.  She said it in the most loving way, but really did mean it!  When breastfeeding doesn't go as planned, many mothers will blame themselves, questioning their abilities, their bodies, and even their qualifications to be a mother.  Not this mama.  She's putting it back on baby, and rightly so.  She has great latch techniques, great anatomy, great milk supply.  Unfortunately, babies can't talk to us and tell us what's up.  We have to do the detective work, try new things, take breaks as needed, and keep getting back on that horse.  One of the coolest things to remember is that babies are born with over 20 instincts that help them crawl to, find, and latch to the breast.  Most of the time, we just have to provide them our chest while we are leaning back comfortably.  How nice is that?  I think it can somehow (hopefully) take pressure off the mother who feels like they are failing, and breastfeeding is something THEY ALONE have to master.  It's teamwork and baby is a part of the team.  Now, we work together to help this baby get their sh*t together—now comes the work of finding out what's getting in the way of her breastfeeding.  And once we do figure it out, it's going to feel like sweet victory for both of them!

It's time.

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